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A Treadmill Service can often help avoid many potential issues developing.

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If you struggle to get through on our freephone number then please try to message on WhatsApp on 07899 395851 

It is very important to have your treadmill or fitness equipment serviced at least once a year. This will ensure that any potential problems are address before the become serious problem or fail completely. A service will ensure that your treadmill for example will run smoothly and serves as a vital check on parts to ensure that the failure of them are detected. If those parts fail undetected then these can link to further damage to other parts. For example a cracked or broken running deck can cause damage to your running belt. A failed bearing can again cause damage to the running belt or roller. With our service we will check all the components on the treadmill and lubricate all parts that need attention. We will adjust and check the tension of your running belt and also the Polly-V belt and realign them if necessary. Any problems will be highlighted to you after our inspection and we will discuss any recommendations with you of additional work required. To contact us please click on our Contact page on the navigation bar above.